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Wherever they go, kids will find ways to play because it’s always the high point of their day! So it’s not surprising at all when most parents are apprehensive in bringing with them their kids while travelling.  Arriving in the destinations can bring fun, but the actual part of trying to get there could take hours and can bore the kids. It’s a good thing then that in our current tech-savvy world, there are plenty of gadgets to ease out the boredom of their playful minds. However, for those who want their kids to travel so they can temporarily avoid technology, why not try a portable outdoor kids’ furniture and toys like a pop-up tent or baby play pen? There are even DIY cubby houses that you can bring along!

Read on to know more about these innovative but not techie solutions to pacify your children’s thirst for playtime while travelling around Australia. Plus, learn other important techniques on making any travel with the kids a truly enjoyable and memorable experience, one that the whole family can treasure forever.

Useful Tips When Travelling With Kids

Preparing for the Trip is Important

It is important to plan the elements of the trip. A good way to hype up the kids’ excitement is to talk about the wonderful things that will happen on your upcoming trip, long before it commences. This way, you can also discuss all their fears and apprehensions about some details along the way. Another great way to prepare them is to transform their current bedroom and sleeping style into a camper or trailer setting, so that they can experience a gradual transition and really welcome and appreciate the actual travel setup when it finally occurs.

Maintain Their Routine

Kids will be more in tune with travelling if they follow a consistent routine. Even while on the road, it is still beneficial for kids to keep their routine from home. For example, bedtime at 8:30 pm should still be followed. An advantage in travelling where kids truly enjoy the destinations is that it becomes really easy for them to voluntarily rest on time at night because they would have been tired from the whole day of fun travelling.

Pop-Up Tentand Other Portable Outdoor Kids’ Furniture for Continued Travel Enjoyment

There will be times during the travel when your kids will be idle. Why not bring a portable kids’ furniture like a pop-up tent? This will allow you to continue the fun even when the tour is temporarily put on hold. While they wait in the hotel room or in the trailer, the kids can play camping using the handy tent. There are other great alternatives to this such as bringing materials for makeshift cubby houses, or a play pen. You and your kids can build together these excellent portable outdoor furniture pieces and take your interaction and closeness to an even higher level.

Tips for Long Trips

If you are planning for a long trip with the kids somewhere in Australia, you better map out the entire destination to include stops, toilet breaks, and meal spots. Decide early on which places you will stop to eat your meals and make sure to arrive there before the rush hour. This is a good way to get better service from the restaurant or other similar establishments because you can avoid the long queue and other inconveniences brought about by jam-packed patrons taking their meals simultaneously.

Having lots of stops during the long travel is helpful for the kids to fully explore the places. So try to take breaks mostly at child-friendly locations like a park or a playground. During toilet breaks, go with your children so you can keep an eye on them all the time and ensure that they wash their hands thoroughly after using the toilet. You can also bring a sanitizer, which is an excellent alternative to soap and water if they become unavailable.

Other Necessities to Bring

Besides a hand sanitizer, here is a list of other important things that may come in handy during long trips:

  • Healthy foods to snack on, such as fruits or veggies
  • Plenty of water to drink
  • Wet wipes or paper towels which are useful in many situations
  • Easily accessible change of clothes for every child, such as extra shirt, pants, sweater, hats, etc., depending on the weather or season
  • Extra container for possible vomiting or as alternative potty for your child who is not still toilet trained
  • Extra plastic bags that you can easily access for putting dirty clothes or dirty nappies

What to Do to Avoid Travel Sickness in Kids

For parents with children prone to travel sickness, here are some tips on how to deal with it.

  • Let your kids eat something but tell them to avoid fatty foods, few moments before travelling. Travel sickness can be brought about by fatty foods but it also gets worsened by an empty stomach.
  • While inside the vehicle, encourage your kids to avoid looking at moving things outside because it promotes dizziness which can lead to travel sickness.
  • Always remember to let in a breeze of fresh air in the vehicle. If you can, open a window or two inside the car.
  • Don’t let your kids read while inside a moving car, train, or bus.
  • While inside the car, talk to your kids about anything so they can be distracted from the thought of having travel sickness.
  • If your kid becomes pale, quiet, and consistently complains about feeling sick, let the vehicle stop and allow him or her to walk outside to get a breath of fresh air.
  • Check with doctors on what medicines are safe to bring which will help alleviate travel sickness in small children or babies.

More Kid-Friendly Travel Ideas

So remember, you don’t really need to buy expensive kids’ stuff and other baby’s toys that you can bring if you plan to travel around Australia with your kids. Portable outdoor kids’ furniture like Nanny-Annie’s pop-up play tent is an incredible way to intensify closeness among the family members. Unlike techie gadgets, these toys and furniture may be old school but they promote physical interaction, immersive playing experience, and thorough enjoyment to the whole family.

Stop by Nanny-Annie’s online store to get more splendid ideas on children’s toys that you can bring while travelling. Nanny-Annie is Australia’s leading provider of play pen, cubby houses, and other toys and furniture for babies and children. All of them are guaranteed to be of high quality and the best part is they are available through a safe and secure online shopping from the comfort of your home.

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airport transfers BrisbaneWe all need a break from our routine life and different people visit different places around the globe for recreation, but what is the best place to visit that offers you an all in one package? The world’s biggest island and its smallest continent doesn’t only have the best cities for fun and entertainment, it has the brightest sun for glowing Aussie tans. You are also surrounded by diverse, breath taking scenery. Australian tourism includes visits to exciting places, offering you not just a holiday, but a time of inspiration and relaxation. Small wonder that for the year ending April 2015, there were no less than 7.1 million visitor arrivals to the continent.

When visitors travel to the continent, they understand Australia’s tourism slogan – ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia’ – it’s a continent that promises to give its visitors the most exciting adventure of their life.

A Boredom-Free Magnet that Pulls in Tourists

Australians themselves are big domestic travellers. With thrilling cities such as Perth, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane among others, the many seaside resort towns, the awesome outback, the wine growing regions, the national parks as well as the many exciting tourist spots, Australia is a 100% boredom-free magnet.

All the well known towns and cities have affordable and reliable transport. With more than 86,000 scheduled international flights from Australia each year and more than 600,000 domestic flights, people rely on air travel in Australia for business and for visiting friends and family.

There’s Not a Moment of Stress Transferring

Brisbane, Queensland’s capital receives many business and leisure visitors travelling to and from the city, and airport transfers Brisbane make sure that every visitor has a happy experience. When Brisbane receives visitors, it makes sure its visitors don’t stress transferring to and from the airport.

Brisbane Airport is 13 kilometres away from the city center, and car, rail and bus transfers operate from the terminals throughout the day and night. Airtrain, Brisbane’s Airport train runs to Brisbane as well as to the Gold Coast, stopping at different stations along the way.

Australian tourism makes it possible to get around with the least amount of stress, and this means you can also hire a taxi outside Arrivals or hire a car from one of the many different car rental companies in the terminal.

Carefree, Convenient, Cost-Effective Transport

Brisbane is a city which offers so much to do, and they have organised transport so that everything is carefree and convenient for its tourists. Shuttles and private transfers provide the comfort and luxury of door-to-door services to and from Brisbane Airport as well as to the city’s popular destinations. Smart, chauffeured services are also available in stretch limousines – in fact everything you need to give you the freedom to see the city as you want – in comfort, relaxation and ease.

If you have decided on a holiday in Australia, and more specifically Brisbane, airport transfers to and from Brisbane are laid on simply to fit in with your plans to guarantee you a fantastic leisure- or business tour to the land down under.

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Rolling hills, picturesque landscapes, diverse flora and fauna and all-round natural beauty; these are just some of the words that best describe Chiang Mai as a stunning trekking destination. As one of the most popular tourist activities in the region, Chiang Mai trekking tours constitute a huge part of the region’s tourism. Outdoor travel is a must-do activity for anyone traveling to Chiang Mai.

Popular places to go trekking in Chiang Mai

Trekking in Chiang MaiDoi Inthanon is an enchanting trekking location, thanks to its rolling mountains covered by lush green vegetation that is surrounded by historical structures. The rugged terrain is a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of the country’s capital, Bangkok. While trekking paths have been created to make the area easily accessible, the country’s tourism board has done everything to ensure that the area’s natural vegetation is preserved.

Doi Suthep is yet another amazing trekking location for outdoor lovers touring Chiang Mai. One of the most outstanding things about this location is that it is less crowded. Anyone looking to go off the beaten track will certainly enjoy trekking in this tranquil region. What’s more, the paths are well marked out, making it perfect for group tours.

Other places that may fascinate you if you are looking to trek in Chiang Mai include Mae Tang, Mae Sot, San Patong as well as Umphang. Umphang is an exotic and remote valley near Chiang Mai, and continues to attract tourists from across the world. Whatever decision a tourist arrives at, it is important to enjoy the trekking trip.

Activities that can be done alongside trekking

One of the most intriguing things about hiking in Chiang Mai is that it offers tourists options for other equally exciting outdoor activities. It is impossible to talk about traveling in this popular part of Thailand without making mention of elephant trekking. This form of trekking essentially gets the strain out of one’s body since it involves elephant riding. The splendid scenery, coupled with proximity to these wondrous beasts is a memorable experience.

Other activities of interest include rafting on the rivers that dot Chiang Mai’s landscape and hilltribe village visits. The latter is a fun experience for those who would like to live like the locals, and experience their daily lives in an unadulterated manner. This includes their day-to-day activities such as farming, attending to domestic animals and even acting as tour guides.

What is needed for a trekking tour?

The requirements for any trekking tour will largely be dependent on the terrain of the trekking area as well as the season at the time of travel. As a basic guideline however, tourists should remember to carry the following prior to their Chiang Mai trek: sturdy hiking shoes, adequate clothing, personal effects, medication, a handy flashlight and a camera to capture all those amazing moments. This list is not comprehensive, so it is important to consider what provisions the trekking tour company has provided. There is no better way to experience the thrill of Chiang Mai’s diverse scenery than to go trekking.

Trekking in Chiang Mai offers an amazing glimpse into Thailand’s hidden treasures. To have an enjoyable tour however, it helps to prepare in advance by determining choice destination, activities of interest as well as the requirements of the same.

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The tourism and travel industry are now vastly growing all over the world and this is a good sign for investment. This is a positive sign for you to have your very own travel business, and to have a more unique kind, it would be best if you have specialty tours offered to your customers. Actually, the adventure starts at the very time you will start establishing your business. Unique experience is what you will provide to your clients and to be able to know more about it, here are the following steps.

travel legal advice1. License is the first thing that you must negotiate, visit your licensing department with your state and ask for the requirements and the things that you must need in order for you to be allowed to start and operate your travel business. The best thing for you to have first is to talk to a firm that will offer you the business legal advice and will explain to you what will be the pros and cons of having a travel business.

2. Next, you must be able to enroll your business with the certification course in order for you to be declared by the government and the law to be one of your country or state’s certified travel agents. You will undergo with training that will give yourself and your client the benefit of trust with your service. That training will also let you assess your standards for the industry to be able to give satisfying services to your clients.

3. You must have at least two bank accounts in order for you to operate all the finances in an organized way. You may also ask about that with your lawyer and if you are residing in Australia, you may visit North Sydney Law Firm for legal business advice. The one bank account that you will have is for the purpose of sending payments from your clients, and the other one will serve as the keeper of your finances. You may also need to apply for credit card with some of the emergency needs of your business in the future.

4. You will also must have your very own updated website with real time rates and offered services, make sure that your website is interactive and user friendly for you may allow your clients to set their own schedules and itinerary without your assistance most especially when you have a very busy day.

5. You also must have some contacts with the printing companies that will help you make effective brochures and flyers promoting your business.

6. After you have focused with your target market, you can now be able to register with your country’s airline reporting corporation for you to have the number. This number has a purpose of allowing you to issue all the tickets.

7. Advertise your agency with the national media and with the internet to for more exposure and prospects that need your service.

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Whenever you’re visiting Brisbane, Queensland’s capital city, it’ s almost important that you visit a few of the top tourists destination which this terrific city has to offer. Below is a chronicle of a few of the preferred things to find throughout the city of Brisbane

parklands brisbane

The Parklands precinct at South Bank lie on the southerly edge of the Brisbane River best opposite the downtown location and consists of a mix of tropical rain forest, grassed locations, food locations, stores, fountains and not to mention an extremely popular manufactured sandy beach. Such a common area is likewise the home of essential celebrations, conventions and big occasions in the area.

The amusement park on the Gold Coastline is easily situated just 40 minutes repel from the Brisbane city centre and offer visitors with great deals of amusement and enjoyment. There are generally 3 significant parks which you have the capability to take a look at, Wet ‘n’ Wild for great water pleasure, Movieworld for film action productions and Dream World for dazzling trips and video games.

The Nth Stradbroke Island is completely placed just a little ferryboat trip far from the mainland and lures newlyweds, households and experience applicants alike with the beautiful shoreline, remarkable fresh water lakes and numerous excellent things to do. Together with natural reserves, historic strolling tracks, swell browse and wonderful fishing this getaway location has it covered.

Investing a night out at the Casino Gambling establishment provides you a sensation of giddiness and splendor. Easily situated at the top of the Queen Street Shopping center in the center of the downtown location this huge traveler precinct has regular live home entertainment along with 5 bar locations and six food locations.

The Riverside market is hosted each Sunday alongside the Brisbane River and simply a brief range from a variety of Brisbane hotels. The dedicated stall keeper gather together from 8 am and fashion a remarkable citizens market providing consumers a vast array of in your area made and imported hand made products, shoes & clothing, furnishings, house items, family fruit and vegetables, house-made foods and lots more.

Just a leisurely one and a half hour drive north of the city is the well-known Australia Zoo, which showcases Aussie wild life, as well as environment preservation. The enthusiastic group at this zoo will establish a special phenomenon for each, and each of the visitors and this wonderful destination at the ‘House of the Crocodile Hunter’ is simply ideal for your next trip.

The shopping center in Queen St is easily located in the center of the Brisbane CBD and is considered to be the major retail centre for the Brisbane lodging area. Such a dynamic shopping and way of life precinct materials and unique mix of regional, nationwide and international brand names, a great deal of dealerships, dining establishments, nightlife home entertainment, motion picture halls and spa.

catamaran boatWhenever you’re traveling in Brisbane you need to acquire a trip upon the City Feline or catamaran, because it is not exclusively a simple method to obtain round the city however likewise offers you a remarkable method to take a look at Brisbane. To take a trip on them, these boats leave from a wide range of places the whole time the river.

Mount Coot-tha watch out is a chosen place for residents and tourists to this city and manages some fantastic panoramas of the Brisbane CBD and surrounding suburban areas. In this area there’s on top of that a a great deal of other things to see like the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, Cosmic Planetarium, household picnic areas, bush walking and bi-cycle tracks all around the location.

I hope this article will help you in finding the best spot on Brisbane that you can visit.

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